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sexta-feira, maio 26, 2006

Can you hear them?/The helicopters?/I'm in New York/No need for words now/We sit in silence/You look me/In the eye directly/You met me/I think it's Wednesday/The evening/The mess we're in and/The city sun sets over me

Night and day/I dream of/Making-love/To you now baby/Love-making/On-screen/Impossible dream/And I have seen/The sunrise/Over the river/The freeway/Reminding/Of this mess we're in and/The city sun sets over me

What were you wanting?/I just want to say/Don't ever change now baby/And thank you/I don't think we will meet again/And you must leave now/Before the sunrise/Above skyscrapers/The sin and/This mess we're in and/The city sun sets over me
(¨This mess we're in¨ - PJ Harvey - do disco ¨Stories from the city, stories from the sea¨, mas não tem essa no dvd, falta grave...)


  • At sexta-feira, maio 26, 2006, Anonymous Lilica said…

    adorei a foto, ahahahaa

  • At sábado, maio 27, 2006, Anonymous Lilica said…

    seria bom que tivesse... queria ver o thom yorke cantando com a pj... deve ser foda...

    (bem que vc podia colocar essa letra de musica num formato mais legal pra ler, hein? rs)

  • At sábado, maio 27, 2006, Anonymous suzanamaria43@yahoo.com.br said…

    Que baranga!Pensei que tinha só a Courtey Love.


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